Welcome to Be Free…

Do you yearn to make some changes in yourself and in your life? Would you like your dreams to become reality? Do you want to take control of your future?

Sometimes we aren’t sure which way we want to go. Or we know what we want to do, but there are barriers in our way – negative, unconscious habits that hold us back.

Are you anxious, stressed and unhappy, or do you have fears and phobias you’d like to deal with? Or perhaps you’d like someone to talk to about an important event or the next stage in your life?

Let me help you get rid of the barriers and be creative about your life; put yourself on the path you want to follow. And stay there.

We work together to find fast and effective solutions, tailored to your transformation. Nothing is too trivial – anything that prevents you attaining your potential is worth working on. With the negative thoughts and unhelpful habits out of the way, we can then bring out the true and happy you.

Stop whatever’s holding you back. Start living the life you want to lead. Be Free.

Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching?

Hypnotherapy uses therapeutic trance to help you to overcome problems by removing the unconscious barriers that get in your way.

In Life Coaching we build a partnership through transformational conversations to help you to identify your future goals and move forwards in a positive and creative way to achieve them.

Some clients come to me for hypnotherapy, some for life coaching, whilst with others a combination of both can be very effective